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August 14, 2006


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While I'm At It

  • Finished and looking good.
    Spring project: New headers, new exhaust, new clutch, shifter rebuild, new u-joints.

Hood Art

  • At the 2012 Rod Run to the End of the World, in Long Beach, Washington, I was noticing all the different hood ornaments on the classic cars. See how many years/makes/models of cars you know, based only on the hood ornament! Or, of course, just enjoy seeing these works of automotive art.

Canby 8/25/12

  • Our cars
    While at the Canby cruise-in this year, I started noticing that a lot of cars have some cool door art and logos on them, so I decided to focus on the logo artwork for this photo album. Enjoy!

PIR 7/11/12

  • A hemi-powered Dodge A100 Pickup.  Cool!
    The PIR cruise-in, sponsored by Beaches Restaurant, happens every wednesday evening throughout the summer months. On this particular evening, it was a special scouts-get-in-free night.

Nuthin' but tail lights

  • 50
    At the Long Beach Rod Run this year, I started noticing all of the unique and interesting shapes and styles of taillights on classic cars, so I decided I would focus in on just that feature of many of the cars, and make an album of nothing but pictures of the back ends (tail lights) of cars. Some are stock tail lights, and some are custom. See if you can name the make, model and year based on only the look of the tail lights!

WCCC BBQ 8/14/10

  • The cars at Brian A.'s house near Silverton, Oregon.
    August 14, 2010. A gathering of Cougar owners (and their cars) at West Coast Classic Cougars in Brooks, Oregon. Then we cruised to the home of a fellow Cougar owner for a BBQ. Lots of fun!

O.C. Hilltop

  • 66 Chevelle Convertible
    This is the first time I've attended this annual event sponsored by the Oregon City Danielson's Thriftway. The day was quite warm, and there was a large variety of cars in attendance.

PIR Cruise-in 8/1/07

  • "Lunacy"
    This is a well run weekly event, that is always well-attended. Probably around 500 great cars there this evening. This was my first trip out with my new wheels and tires. Billy brought his Camaro, and Jamie and Alex came along too. It was a great evening.

Muscle Beach 2007

  • At the rest stop on the way home.
    For the second consecutive year, I took the Cougar to the Muscle Beach Cruise at Seaside, Oregon. This year, like last year, Billy brought his Camaro. Despite some rain, we all had a good time.

Seaside Cruz-In June 2006

  • Billy's Camaro, My Cougar, Kerry's Lemans
    Along with Kerry in his 1968 Lemans convertible, and Billy in his 1968 Camaro, (and Dave, Alex, and Jamie too!), the Seaside Muscle Beach Cruise In served as the "coming out" party for the newly restored Cougar.

The Restoration 2003-06

  • Jamie helping reinstall the windshield.  2004
    With the help of many friends and my family, the restoration process began in 2003. These pictures are in random order.

The years of decay 1987-2003

  • Interior in fall of 2003.  Yes, there were actual mice nests!  Yuck.
    College and career meant dependable, sensible transportation for me, and the Cougar went into a vegetative coma for many years.

A new coat in '83

  • Summer 1983
    The silver paint job on the silver Cougar was not well done. I decided to have it repainted to its original maroon color in the summer of 1983.

The "Silver" Cougar in '82

  • Notice the underdash FM/cassette stereo - Hi Tech, eh?!
    I was soon the proud owner of this silver 1967 XR7. A factory 4 barrel 289 with 4 speed manual transmission car. My friend Alex chased down the previous owner when he saw it drive by shortly after my crash, because he knew I wanted another Cougar. Thanks Alex!

The First Cougar 1982

  • After the crash - Sept. 11, 1982
    I bought my first Cougar in June of 1982. On September 11, 1982 a car ran a stop sign, and I hit it at 50+ MPH. My friend Jamie and I escaped with relatively minor injuries. In the crash picture, notice the cracked windshield from my friend Jamie's head on the passenger side. I got to have stitches on the inside of my mouth from my face hitting the steering wheel. That was the end of my first Cougar.

1963 Chevy II

  • An interior view 1985
    This was a fun little 6 cylinder/powerglide car I bought already partially restored, but mostly disassembled in 1985. I got it painted, reassembled, drove it everywhere (even to Southern California and back), then sold it in 1987. Many great memories of this car.


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